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Theres A Disturbing Theory About Those Creepy Clowns That Are Terrorising South Carolina


A week or so ago, we reported on the fact that creepy clowns have been turning up in South Carolina, and trying to lure childreninto the woods.

While no crime had been committed, and nobody had actually been hurt, this was obviously a worrying situation, and – in the past few days – things have got just that little bit more terrifying.

Esquire reports that sightings of the clowns have increased, and that they’re getting more audacious: instead of just skulking in the woods, waving money and sweets at kids, they’ve been knocking on people’s doors, and standing in people’s gardens.

Seriously, can you imagine anything more terrifying than looking out of your window, and seeing a clown standing in your back yard?

Where the clowns came from, and what they want, remains a mystery, but there is a disturbing theory that might explain their presence. People are suggesting that they might be part of a guerrilla marketing campaign, designed to promote the recently released horror film, 31.

The movie – which has been critically panned – sees a group of carnival workers forced to participate in a gruesome game that involves them surviving the torture ofsadistic clowns.

If it turns out that these clowns are just actors, then that makes the whole situation slightly less creepy, but it’s pretty disturbing to think that a marketing team would go so far as to terrify children in an effort to drum up some press.

But, it wouldn’t be the first time that a film campaign has used controversial marketing strategies: back in 1999, The Blair Witch Project was marketed as a documentary instead of a fictional film. Itswebsite consisted of fake police and news reports, and flyers were distributed – asking anyone with information about the “missing” students to come forward.

This strategy helped the movie to “go viral” in a time before that was even really a concept, and people have since praised it as innovative and clever.

It’s possible that – if the creepy clowns are a marketing stunt – they’re just trying to emulate Blair Witch Project’s success, but luring kids into the woods? They’ve maybe taken things a bit too far…

Of course, this is just a theory. These clowns could have nothing to do with a movie campaign; they could just be creepy weirdos, reaping pleasure from freaking everybody out…

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