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5 Post-Event Marketing Tips


You’ve prepped, planned, and the event has now passed. A success! However, don’t forget an equally integral part of the event: the follow-up. Feedback is crucial, especially if you want to do bigger and better things at future events. 

Take a look at these 5 post-event marketing hints to give your event planning a boost at future events.

Check in with Social Media

Tons of tweets sent out during the event, but now it’s time to review what people were saying. Check out the event hashtag, Instagram feeds of particular attendees, press, or VIPs that you happen to know off hand, and see what they’re saying. See how the event went from their perspective with comments and perhaps engaging a bit more by requesting an email address and taking the conversation further. 

Be professional, but personal

It might seem like this is a recurring theme, but it’s true for many facets of the event process. Using an efficient lead retrieval system, you have already gathered details about your contacts at the event and can now further the connection by following up in a more personal way. The more information you’re able to capture, the more personal you can make your post-event interactions. 

Read your reports

Again, using an event management app that can collect data from pre-event registration to on-site in real-time. This data will be useful in corrected any mishaps to better prepare for future events. It’s also going to give you a better idea of your audience and how they’ve reacted to-or repelled from-the event experience presented to them. 

Consider the timing

Be prompt, but leave a little “breathing room” when following up. Allow for no more than 5 days to pass when contacting your leads, this way you’re not being intrusive or taking advantage of the newly acquired info. Getting in touch within the right time frame means that these contacts still have the event fresh in their mind, though it doesn’t hurt to remind them a little about you/your brand/service.

Throw in an extra

Don’t just connect — offer them something to remind them about how great you are! Downloadable content like an infographic or case study, or even a live webinar, are perfect examples of informational material that offer value.

Want all of your info delivered to your email so you can spend more time talking and less time note taking? Consider making a lead retrieval app part of your event:




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