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PayMemberX Review, Bonus – Internet Marketing Success


PayMemberX – 100% AUTOMATIC – “Paypal Protect” ANY Content On Your Site

[New Software] Get Your Own “Paypal Paywall” To Protect Your Content
Your Own FULL Members Site In SECONDS… Using Paypal!
[New Software] Start Selling Your Content Today – And STOP It Being STOLEN
New Software – The EASIEST way to MONETISE Your Site
Get Your OWN Fully AUTOMATED “Members Area” make passive income today!

This new software lets you MONETISE your site, with your own “PAYPAL Protected” Members Area in seconds…

“paypal protect” ANY kind of content on your site
protect pdf’s, videos, articles, or even add a whole paid membership section to your site.
protect your DOWNLOAD FILES so they CAN’T be shared on blackhat or filesharing sites
Only PAYING customers, who actually pay money into your paypal account get access to your content
Fully integrates with Paypal API
Works with all major third party autoresponders
Get powerful user data on all your customers for even more SECURITY
Get AUTOMATED “drip fed” content sent to your members
Create an entire members area, and start getting recurring income, in seconds.

Monetising your site is hard. Let’s face it most affiliate products are rubbish and difficult to convert

And who wants to only get a small percentage of commissions anyway… wouldn’t you rather keep 100%?

So let me tell you the EASIEST way to monetise your site…

It’s by selling your CONTENT

It could be selling a file, or a video, or a training program, or even adding a whole paid membership section, whatever you choose,
selling content lets you sell QUALITY and lets you keep 100% of the commissions.

But how do you protect the content you sell? How do you make sure
only paying customers get access? How do you make sure it isn’t STOLEN?

=>> Let me introduce you to PayMember

Using PayMember is as simple as 1-2-3

[1] Enter the URL of the content you want to protect
[2] Type the name of your product to identify it in your Paypal account.
[3] Click a button and boom just like that your content is fully protected…

With PayMember it makes it so easy to protect ANY content you want, so only verified customers who have paid for it, get access.


PayMember is available for low one-time fee for the launch offer ONLY

Once the launch offer ends PayMember will be going to a monthly subscription model at a much higher price.

This is your only chance to get lifetime protection for your content for just one low fee.

Don’t miss out on this

=>> Click BELOW and take action now:

The fastest, most powerful and most secure membership software you’ve ever seen!




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