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Sean Mize 6 Week Training Course – Internet Marketing Success


Sean Mize 6 Week Training Course

Sean Mize 6 Week Training Course – Private Label Rights Coaching Lessons Cyber Monday Sales

Make 2019 a $100k Year . . . and Start Now!

Sean Mize has done it – 12 years now, 12 years in a row over 6 figures

So I’ve decided to open the doors to a very special 6 week training course where in 6 short weeks (or faster if you are go-getter) you can build the foundation for a $100k business in 2019!

Now, I believe this is the more important step you can take in 2019 to build your own solid foundation for a coaching business . . .

Sean Mize 6 Week Training Course

So here’s what you’ll do over the first 6 weeks:

Week 1: Define your niche contribution and how you want to impact the world!

Week 2: Discover the Innovation in YOUR Niche to transform YOUR niche
You see, your niche has a special need no one is meeting . . and when you meet
that need . . . you can redefine success in your niche!

Week 3: Build a basic coaching program folks can enroll in (this is the foundation
to your business)

Week 4: Launch Your Coaching Program (this is where you start making money
the traditional way – and get your first few clients)

Week 5: Start a simple membership in your niche (this will tie closely with
your coaching program)

Week 6: Design Your Website So That it Uses Powerful Storytelling to
hook folks into your site and community!

Now, you will receive ALL 6 weeks of instruction right up front so you can move at your own
pace . . you don’t have to finish one week in 2 days, then wait 5 days for more
instruction . . .

So you can move as fast as you want . .

PLUS . . you don’t have to do the Weeks in the same order they are listed ..
maybe you want to start with your website or a membership first, instead of
coaching . . .

Sean Mize Coaching

And the best part is . . . as you are doing the Sean Mize 6 Week Training Course, you will have access to a team of coaches who can answer your questions, look at your sales pages and copy, and make suggestions . .

And you’ll be introduced to others who are building a new 2019 business

Just like you are . .

people with whom you can network and learn from
and even perhaps you can help them out some too!

If you are ready to get started and lay the foundation for $100k in 2019 . . .

Sean Mize 6 Week Training Course:




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